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How To Reconnect Ring To Wifi

How To Reconnect Ring To Wifi

In the realm of smart home security, Ring devices have become a household name. Specifically, the ability to connect these gadgets to your home’s Wi-Fi network is crucial for real-time alerts and remote access. I recently dealt with the common problem of my Ring device losing its Wi-Fi connection. Throughout this article, I’ll share various techniques I’ve successfully employed to reconnect my Ring to Wi-Fi, hoping to make the process a breeze for you.


Common Scenarios:

Frequent Power Outages 🔋

  • After power outages, your Wi-Fi router might reboot and temporarily disconnect from devices, including the Ring. When the power returns, the Ring device might not always reconnect automatically.

Wi-Fi Network Changes 📶

  • Changing your home’s Wi-Fi network settings, such as the network name (SSID) or password, can cause devices like Ring to lose connection since they try to reconnect using outdated information.

Software Glitches 💫

  • Sometimes, software glitches can occur, preventing the Ring device from maintaining a stable connection. These can be due to firmware issues that might require a reset or update.

Step-by-Step Guide. How To Reconnect Ring To Wifi:

Method 1: Using the Ring App 📲

  • Open the Ring app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Navigate to the ‘Devices’ section and select the Ring device that’s offline.
  • Tap on ‘Device Health’, then press ‘Reconnect to Wi-Fi’ and follow the in-app instructions.

Note: Ensure your Ring app is updated to the latest version before starting this process.

Conclusion: This method is typically the easiest and quickest way to get your Ring device back online.

Method 2: Restarting the Ring Device 🔁

  • Press and hold the setup button on the device for about 20 seconds to perform a hard reset.
  • After releasing the button, give the device a minute to reboot.
  • Repeat Method 1 to reconnect the device to Wi-Fi through the Ring app.

Note: A hard reset will not erase your device settings.

Conclusion: Restarting the device can resolve any minor software issues that could be causing the connection problem.

Method 3: Rebooting Your Wi-Fi Router 💡

  • Unplug the power cord from your Wi-Fi router.
  • Wait at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in.
  • Allow a few minutes for the router to fully reboot.
  • Try Method 1 again after your Wi-Fi network is back up.

Note: Rebooting clears the router’s memory and can solve connectivity issues.

Conclusion: This classic tech support solution often resolves a wide array of network-related issues.

Method 4: Changing Your Wi-Fi Settings 🌐

  • Access your router’s settings by entering its IP address in a web browser.
  • Ensure that your Wi-Fi router is broadcasting on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies if it’s a dual-band router.
  • Update the SSID and password if needed to match the previous settings your Ring device was connected to.

Note: Changing these settings may require connecting all your devices to Wi-Fi again.

Conclusion: This step is useful if you’ve recently changed your network’s SSID or password.

Method 5: Resetting Your Ring Device 🔎

  • Hold down the setup button for a full 30 seconds to reset your Ring device to its factory settings.
  • After the reset, the device will enter setup mode.
  • Follow the steps in Method 1 to reconnect your device to Wi-Fi through the Ring app.

Note: A factory reset will erase all previous settings, and you’ll need to set up your device as if it were new.

Conclusion: Resetting is an effective last resort if other methods fail to restore the Wi-Fi connection.


Precautions and Tips:

Optimize Your Network 📡

  • Ensure your router’s firmware is always up to date to prevent connectivity issues.
  • Consider purchasing a Ring Chime Pro, which can help extend your Wi-Fi signal to your Ring devices.

Smart Home Connection Tips

Having dealt with my fair share of smart home device issues, I’ve picked up on some tips and practices that may help prevent future Wi-Fi disconnections. First off, maintaining a strong and stable Wi-Fi signal is key. You can achieve this by placing your router in a central location and away from large metal objects and other electronics that could cause interference.

Moreover, regularly updating your Wi-Fi network’s security is crucial, but remember to update all connected devices to the new settings. The best practices include using a strong, unique password and updating it periodically. For additional layers of protection, consider enabling features such as WPA3 security or network segmentation.

Should you need to troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues with Ring or any other smart home devices, here is a comprehensive guide by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on home networking, offering insights that can be helpful.


In concluding my personal saga of reconnecting my Ring device, I hope the steps provided here prove to be just as effective for you. Staying connected is paramount in leveraging the full capabilities of your Ring and ensuring home security. For further assistance or resources, visit the Ring Help Center for additional support. Remember to keep your devices and their software up to date, and always secure your Wi-Fi network to minimize interruptions. Stay safe and connected!


Start by opening the Ring app, select your device, tap 'Device Health,' then choose 'Reconnect to Wi-Fi' and follow the in-app instructions.

Yes, by holding the setup button on your Ring device for 10 seconds, you'll initiate a factory reset of the network settings.

Ensure your Wi-Fi network is functioning properly, and try resetting your router. Then attempt to reconnect your Ring device.

Check for interferences or obstacles near your Ring device that could block the signal, or contact Ring support for further assistance. Visit Ring Support for help.

Some Ring devices only support 2.4GHz networks, so ensure your router is set to the compatible frequency.

Go to the device settings in your Ring app, select 'Device Health', and tap on 'Change Wi-Fi Network' to enter new credentials.

No, your videos are saved to your Ring account on the cloud, not on the device itself.

It's uncommon to frequently reconnect unless you change your network settings or password.

It's not necessary; just use the 'Reconnect to Wi-Fi' option in the Device Health settings within the app.

Check to ensure you're entering the correct Wi-Fi password and that your Ring app is up to date. If issues persist, app Ring Support may be needed.