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How To Connect Ps5 To Hotel Wifi

How To Connect Ps5 To Hotel Wifi

Whether you’re on vacation or a business trip, being able to relax and enjoy your favorite games on your PlayStation 5 can enhance your hotel experience significantly. However, connecting your console to hotel Wi-Fi networks can be tricky due to additional layers of security and authentication that hotels often use. In this detailed guide, I’ll share various methods to successfully connect your PS5 to hotel Wi-Fi, based on my personal experiences during my travels.


Common Scenarios:

Direct Wi-Fi Connection with Login Portal

  • Locating and selecting the hotel Wi-Fi network on your PS5.
  • Attempting to connect and being redirected to the hotel’s login portal.
  • Entering the required credentials or accepting terms to access the Wi-Fi.

Assistance from Hotel Staff

  • Struggling to connect automatically and seeking help from the hotel’s IT support or front desk.
  • Providing the MAC address of the PS5 to be whitelisted on the network.

Using a Mobile Hotspot

  • Turning your mobile device into a hotspot as an alternative to hotel Wi-Fi.
  • Connecting your PS5 to the mobile hotspot network.

Step-by-Step Guide. How To Connect Ps5 To Hotel Wifi:

Method 1: Direct Connection via Wi-Fi Login Portal

  • Turn on your PS5 and navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Select ‘Network’ followed by ‘Settings’ and then ‘Set Up Internet Connection’.
  • Choose the hotel’s Wi-Fi network and attempt to connect. If there’s a login portal, a window should pop up prompting you to enter login details or accept the terms and conditions.
  • Once you have entered the necessary information, test the Internet connection to make sure it’s successful.

Note: If the login window doesn’t appear, try opening the PS5’s built-in web browser or restarting the console to trigger the authentication process.

Method 2: Getting Assistance from Hotel Staff

  • Determine your PS5’s MAC address by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘System Information’.
  • Contact the hotel’s front desk or IT support and provide the MAC address, requesting that they whitelist your console on their network.
  • Follow any additional instructions they may provide.

Note: Some hotels may be reluctant or unable to assist with this process, so it’s always best to check their policy beforehand.

Conclusion: While this method might involve some interaction with hotel staff, it can be a reliable way to ensure a stable connection for your PS5.

Method 3: Using a Mobile Hotspot

  • On your mobile device, go into the ‘Settings’ and setup a mobile hotspot.
  • Ensure your hotspot has a strong signal and sufficient data allowance for gaming.
  • On your PS5, search for Wi-Fi networks and select your device’s hotspot name.
  • Input the password for your mobile hotspot and connect.

Note: Mobile hotspots can consume a lot of data quickly, especially when gaming, so keep an eye on your usage to avoid unexpected charges.

Conclusion: This method is a good alternative if hotel Wi-Fi is slow or unreliable, but it is dependent on your mobile data plan and coverage.

Method 4: Using a Travel Router

  • Connect a travel router to the hotel’s Ethernet port, if available.
  • Set the travel router to create a private Wi-Fi network.
  • Connect your PS5 to this new network just as you would with a standard Wi-Fi connection.

Note: A travel router can improve connection speed and security but requires you to carry additional hardware.

Conclusion: This method is perfect for frequent travelers who want a more consistent and secure network for their PS5.

Method 5: Using DNS Settings to Prompt Authentication

  • Attempt to connect your PS5 to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network.
  • If the login portal does not appear, go to ‘Network’ Settings and select ‘Set Up Manually’.
  • Select Wi-Fi and under DNS Settings, input a commonly used DNS like Google’s ( for Primary and for Secondary).
  • This can sometimes trigger the hotel’s Wi-Fi login portal to appear on your PS5.

Note: Changing DNS settings might violate the hotel’s internet usage policies, so use this method with discretion.

Conclusion: Altering DNS settings can bypass issues with the authentication process but may not work with all hotel networks.


Precautions and Tips:

Optimizing Connection Quality

  • Use an Ethernet cable for a direct connection if your hotel room has an Ethernet port. This usually provides a faster and more stable connection.
  • Limit background downloads and streaming services to ensure a stronger gaming experience on your PS5.
  • Try gaming during off-peak hours when fewer guests are using the hotel Wi-Fi for a better connection quality.

Security Considerations

  • Consider using a VPN to encrypt your PS5’s internet connection while on public networks, such as hotel Wi-Fi, to protect your personal information and gaming data.
  • Always log out from the hotel Wi-Fi when not using your PS5 to prevent unauthorized access to your console.

Streamlining Your Connection Experience

Connecting your PS5 to hotel Wi-Fi can be streamlined by preparing ahead of your trip. Before you leave, ensure your console has the latest system update to prevent the need for large downloads over a potentially slow or unstable hotel Wi-Fi. Additionally, familiarize yourself with your PS5’s settings and navigation to smoothly troubleshoot connectivity issues.

Remember that hotel networks typically aren’t designed for high-bandwidth gaming. Expect that some games, especially those with large multiplayer components, may not perform optimally. Always inquire whether the hotel offers a premium Wi-Fi service that supports better speeds suitable for gaming.

Lastly, when it comes to hotel Wi-Fi, patience is crucial. The network may be slower than what you’re accustomed to at home, and you might encounter frequent disconnections or lag. If you’re planning a gaming-focused trip, consider booking accommodations known for reliable and high-speed internet services. Research hotel reviews on sites like TripAdvisor or look for gamer-friendly hotels that cater to your connectivity needs.


Connecting to hotel Wi-Fi when on the move doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following these methods and tips, you can ensure your PS5 is ready for action, no matter where you’re staying. And while each hotel network can present its unique challenges, with a little bit of know-how and preparation, you’ll be enjoying your gaming sessions in no time. Don’t forget, a robust online connection not only enhances your gaming experience but also keeps your console updated and ready to play the latest titles. Happy gaming!


Yes, a PS5 can connect to hotel Wi-Fi networks by navigating through the network settings and entering the required login credentials provided by the hotel.

Open Settings, go to Network, select Set Up Internet Connection, choose Use Wi-Fi, select Custom, and follow the prompts to connect to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network.

Bypassing hotel Wi-Fi login pages isn't recommended or typically possible due to security protocols, but sometimes entering the details manually in the PS5 browser may help.

Ensure the hotel Wi-Fi is functioning and within range. If the problem persists, restart your PS5 and check the Wi-Fi signal again.

Yes, if the hotel room provides an Ethernet port, you can use a LAN cable to connect your PS5 directly for a more stable internet connection.

Avoid peak hours, disconnect other devices from the network, or consider using a mobile hotspot if the hotel Wi-Fi is too slow for gaming.

Yes, you can stream content on your PS5 through services like Netflix or Hulu, provided the hotel Wi-Fi has sufficient speed and bandwidth.

Some hotels require browser verification; use the PS5's built-in browser to navigate to the sign-in page and enter the necessary credentials.

Some third-party services, such as VPNs or network management subscriptions, can potentially improve your PS5's connection in hotels.

Visit the official Sony PlayStation support website at for detailed guides and troubleshooting tips.